Videos Available:
Beginning Qigong
Concepts of qigong
Healing yourself and others
microcosmic and macrocosmic orbit methods
5 Elements and the Internal organs
Beginning Pakua
Health and Martial concepts of Pakua
Spiritual Concepts of Pakua
Walking the Circle
8 basic palms
Pakua recieving and sending energy for healing
Beginning HsingI
10 Animals of Hsingi and their movements
Spiritual concepts of the Animal movements
Using HsingI for health and fitness
Martial applications of the movements
Yang 88 Taiji 1
Intro concepts
Thorough demonstration of first half of 88 form
Names of each form and their applications
Basic push hands
Yang 88 part2
2nd half of form
Names of the forms and their applications
more push hands
Taiji Mantis part 1
First half of form
 Names of the forms and their applications
Taiji Mantis part 2
2nd half of form
Names of the form and their applications
I make personalized videos for each individual if desired. You may choose a variety of methods to learn with each video and you aren't necessarily tied to one of the above. I welcome all inquiries and will give you individual support.
Prices are $25 which includes shipping and handling
Ronald Hoffman
Box 49
Howard City, Mich 49329