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Mantras are used as an aid to circulate chi and nourish the internal organs. There are variations of sound that when combined with your intent will effect different organs. Here is a few of the sounds and the organs they effect. You should experiment with slight variations of each of the sounds to discover the correct tone for you.


hen stomach

hoi kidneys

hss liver

hom heart

hah lungs





These sounds can be used throughout the day at any time to revitalize your organs and energize yourself.

You should relax yourself with a few deep breaths, calm the mind and close your eyes if possible.

Concentrate your will and take a deep breath, swallow saliva and forcefully say "hen".

The sound should be like a quarterback behind the center saying "hut". Instead, say "hen" from the stomach. Feel your dantian making the sound. Repeat this a few times.

Now, take a deep breath, swallow saliva, say "hen" followed by "hoi hoi".

You should feel the "hoi" sound enlarging your kidneys. Repeat this a few times.

Now take a deep breath and swallow, say "hen" followed by "hoi hoi", then bow your head as you say "hmmmm."

This is a humming sound and you should feel the top of your head tingling. Repeat this a few times.

This is completing the microcosmic orbit and is a prerequisite for circulating energy in the macrocosmic orbit.

Morning Stiffness

As we get older we tend to be a little stiffer in the morning when we get out of bed. If we aren't careful we can hurt our back or experience pain in other area sof our body if we don't loosen ourselves up. Chances are you have a stiffness or pain of your own whether it be your shoulder, back, joints or neck. It's a good idea to do a simple chigong excercise to loosen yourself up in the morning.

Lower back stiffness:

Stand up and spread your legs about shoulder width apar.

Bend your knees a little as you bend forward at the waist. Sink a little and keep your back straight as possible. Feel the muscles stretch in your lower back and hamstrings. Let your hands dangle in front of you.

As you feel your hamstrings and lower back stretching out gradually straighten the legs a little. Don't completely straighten and don't lock out the knees. Let your head and neck dangle so you feel your whole torso and hamstrings loosen.

After you feel stretched and relaxed bring your feet together and hold that position for a few breaths. Then wag your buttocks back and forth as a dog wagging it's tail, swinging from side to side with your arms dangling. Do this a few times or until you feel loose.

Step one leg out so your feet are shoulder width apart again and slowly raise yourself back up.


Lower back stiffness excercise 2

Sit on the edge of your bed or on a chair, or sit cross legged on the floor.

Bring your thumbs and middle fingers together and lay your hands palms up on your knees.

Take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself as the wind.

Then visualize yourself as a tree and you are blowing in the wind. Rotate your torso in a circle counterclockwise and coordinate this movement with your breathing. You must feel loose and as though you are being blown in the wind in a circle from the waist.

Make the circle slowly and do this repeatedly until you feel loose.

Then take a deep breath and visualize your torso as a wave and you are breaking upon the rocks and sand of a beach. Gently thrust yourself forward, bending at the torso, feeling the lower back stretching out as you exhale. Inhale while bring yourself back up. Repeat as much as necessary

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