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Grandmaster Zhang is the eighth generation lineage holder of Mt. Ermei Qigong, fourth generation lineage holder of Mt. Qincheng Pakua palm, sixth generation lineage holder of Hebei Hsingi, current lineage holder of Mt. Wudang sword, 18th generation lineage holder of Longmen school. He is also a master of Shaolin fist and sword, a master calligrapher and a Professor of Chinese Medicine.

Master Zhang grew up near Mt. Qincheng ,which is in Sichuan Province. This is part of huge mountain range in in the Southwest of China and includes the autonomous region of Tibet. It is not a coincidece that Grandmaster Zhang's name is the same as the founder of modern Tai Chi, Zhang San Feng. He is one of grandmaster Zhang's ancestor's. Since the time he was three Grandmaster Zhang has been taught the ways of the mountain hermits who were greatly persecuted during the time of the Cultural Revolution. During the Revolution eighty percent of these hermits were murdered. Grandmaster Zhang is one of the last to have received many of the teachings he is sharing with the West. Many of the Qigong methods he teaches enable his students to quickly realize the small circuit, gather energy from the Universe to strengthen themselves, and to heal others. In the last few decades Science has been able to come up with measuring devices to detect the concentration of energy particles and prove the theory of Chi and the practice of Qigong. As a result, the Chinese Government now recognizes the practice of Qigong and it is a necessary component in the schooling of all medical doctors.


Grandmaster Zhang has a center at Ahomm Holy Mountain in Tehachapi, California, which is about 45 minutes from Bakersfield. Everyone has a chance to train with him and receive treament. This is a very sacred place to the Native Americans who used to come there for Vision Quests. The Center is surrounded on all sided by mountains and the energy there is tremendous. Grandmaster Zhang teaches all of his students according to his heart. He takes care to give each of his students the teachings they desire and need, whether it be medical qigong, internal kungfu, weapons or other energy work. CEU credits are also available for acupuncturists. Also, he arranges tours to his center in China two to three times a year. Visit his website for more info. If you are interested in training with Master Zhang simply click on the link here to go to his website.

Grandmaster Zhang's Website

If you would like to experience what it is like to study with Master Zhang look at my article and pictures by clicking on the link here.

My Spring 1999 Study with Grandmaster Zhang



Master Zhang

Pics of Grandmaster Zhang

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