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Read the Swimming Dragon Newsletter. Issue one is now up and running. I have included instructional articles and picture in this issue including: Intro Qigong concepts, The Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong set, a method for completing the microcosmic orbit, the eight meridians and eight junction points and more. I can make specific videos to meet your needs. Send me an email regarding videos or to ask any questions. I'm happy to hear from you. Just click on the topics to find descriptions and instruction.



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I am a pratictioner of healing techniques living north of Grand Rapids Michigan. I have spent 14 years discovering pain management techinques and finding out what works and what doesn't. I have arthritis in my back which has forced me to the road of preventive health care.


Internal kungfu revitalizes you and charges your spirit. It helps us to be calm in the face of adversity and helps us to maintain an even mental state throughout our lives. It can be learned by anyone of any age as its philosophy is one of healing and maintaining health. It is also excellent for self defense and is a fun way to keep in shape. It is gentle and promotes compassion and dignity and it brings us to a profound realization of ourselves and the world we live in.

Pain Management

I have had arthritis in my back for twenty years and have had a number of episodes over the years that have caused me to be bedridden for up to a week. Anyone wth a bad back will benefit a great deal from internal kungfu. Through the various excercises at your disposal you can let your body choose what it wants you to do for it. My experience is that a a good pain management program will include a number of different excercises that you the individual have at your disposal to peform at any given time. You can tailor your own program with the techniques I show you. I am also available to consult with and to answer any questions. Pain is an individual affair. Each of our bodies are different. Our pain effects us each in a unique way. For instance, someone may have a pain that shoots down their leg, ankle and foot. Of course, a point on the spine is the point of origin, but this pain causes a a new array of pain caused by the tightening of muscles and joints as your body tries to defend against the pain caused by the back problem. We clench our muscles around the pathway of pain and and strain muscles and joints. This straining of the muscles causes blockages in the body’s energy pathway. Internal kungfu offers us a variety ways to keep the body loose and the energy circulating. When the energy is circualting properly we can more effectively accumulate more energy and use it to heal the area of injury.

Slow down the aging process

As we get older our bodies become stiffer. We can see this first thing when we get up evey day. It's a great idea to begin your day with a few simple qigong excercises to get the energy flowing and loosen your body up. Internal kung fu is primarily for health and can be learned for the first time by anyone. It's hard to imagine older seniors trying to get in shape with situps and lifting weights, but they can learn taiji and rejuvenate their bodies and significantly slow the aging process. Internal kungfu is used to cultivate energy along the body's energy pathways. You use your will to intend the the energy to circulate along these pathways. Actually, you don't intend , you expect the energy to flow . Also, we use mantras and mudras to guide this energy . I will teach you methods you can use according to your unique situation.. When you learn the methods you use what works for you. For instance, if you are working on shoulder pain, choose practices that concentrate on loosening up the shoulder and circulating the energy through your shoulder and around your arm.. Then you have an open pathway and you maintan it with practices that keep this energy pathway open.

Weight loss

I have personally witnessed people loose a significant amount of weight in a few months by practicing taiji. The movements of internal kungfu can be done either slow or fast. The slow movements are subtle and they restore balance to your internal organs and strengthen the limbs and joints while not requiring a great deal of physical exertion. You may find yourself sweating profusely, but not breathing heavily.

Skin Conditions

I have psoriasis and benefited a great deal from qigong excercises that have stopped the peeling and itching of the skin on my face.

Stop smoking

I have heard from a few people who say that although they haven’t been able to stop smoking entirely they have been able to cut way back and attribute this to specific qigong practice.


I remember slumping over from back pain as early as eight years old. Since then, pain has had a dominating effect on my life. Riding minibikes and horses at times caused pain. Too much running caused pain. Jumping, reaching, grabbing or pulling at times would cause pain. Often, I was afraid to try something new because I was afraid I would get hurt and would be called a wimp. Throughout my childhood I withdrew into myself and criticized the things around me. When I was twenty years old I suffered a back injury that has bothered me since and I have had several episodes where I was bedridden for up to a week at a time because of the pain. I have had my left foot go lame for two weeks and have missed work many times. Once, I had a seven month stretch where I was sleeping on the couch with my legs draped over the back of it and my back hanging over the edge which would enable me to sleep for ten minute stretches, until the ordeal culminated in a week stretch where I couldn’t sit on the toilet for four days. It’s because of these episodes I have been driven to find alternative methods to pain management .

I began practicing tai chi and regained a full range of motion , but still had the sharp, tingling ,shooting pain in my buttocks and down my leg. The surgeon wouldn’t recommend surgery because I had a full range of motion. It was because of this experience it became necessary to learn what I could do for myself. My initial instructor taught me a variety of Taiji including Yang style and Taiji Mantis. He also taught me variuous qigong methods and a little Shaolin. I had another instructor who taught me a qigong set that I found extremely helpful in loosening my whole body and and warming me up. I also had another instructor who taught me a variety of Qigong excercises as well as HsingI and Pakua. My current instructor, Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang,has taught me a great deal about opening up the body's energy pathways and how to cultivate chi through HsingI, Pakua and Taiji. He has also taught many Qigong sets that have proven most helpful to me in warming my body and loosening it up so I am not stiff in the morning. There is no way that by selling videos and offering indivudual instruction I am going to become independently wealthy, or even be able to quit my job. I have a need to share what I know with others who are coping not only with pain, but who wish to discover a a way of life that promotes health physically and mentally.

Videos Available:

Beginning Qigong

Beginning Pakua

Beginning HsingI

Yang 88 Taiji

Taiji Mantis

Prices are $25.00 which includes shipping and handling within the U.S.

Ronald Hoffman

Box 49

Howard City Michigan 49329

I invite all inquiries via email or post office. This isn't an ordinary business. I have no delusions of getting rich. Nor do I wish to abuse the heritage of which these techniques have been passed on to me. I suggest you purchase a video if you are interested in learning something in particular. If you are seeking to try alternative pain management methods I suggest you outline your problems and expectations in your message to me. Too much time is spent in a classroom learning techniques that aren't particularly pertinent to your situation if you are trying to manage pain. My approach is equally effective if you want to learn a self defense system or if you are a senior. Bottom line is everyone can learn these techniques and there is something here for everyone, even for those in wheelchairs, disease, or any other handicap.

Master Zhang teaching me taiji stick techniques at Ahomm Holy Mountain Center

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