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When we practice the 12 animal forms we don't simply perform them. With our minds we embody the spirit of the animal and become them. The horse has a wild virility and spirit the rider harnesses. With the energy from our dantian we explode like a race horse off the mark, our fists actually acting as feelers for our internal energy. When they contact their target they act as a conduit for our internal energy which we transfer through our fists and into our target. For this energy transfer to take place our limbs and shoulders must be loose. We don't throw punches from the shoulder, we throw them from the dantian. Our whole body is a fist with our dantian as the energy source. This shows the importance of the opening form of each of the HsingI 12 Animals. The energy from the Universe is gathered in and sunk into the dantian. The stamping of the foot connects the heavenly elements with the earthly elements. The Crocodile glides through the water stalking its prey. When it attacks it doesn't lurch or react wildly. Rather, with smooth swiftness it closes in and suddenly overwhelms its victim. The rooster has an active spirit. Its actions are vigorous and aggressive. It pounces, plucks scratches and strikes. It even pecks its food with aggression.

We begin by learning the 5 Elements. These are the basic HsingI blocks and punches combined with the basic footwork. Once the 5 Elements are mastered the student moves to the Animal forms. I teach a combined 10 Animal form that is a traditional form going back nearly one thousand years. The form teaches basic animal movements which can also be combined with the 5 elements in any number of combination. In this way the practitioner gains a thorough understanding of the art.



It's very important to learn the 6 harmonies in order to sense the internal aspects of HsingI. The 6 harmonies are: elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, feet and hands. Your right hand is synchronized with your left foot, your right elbow is synchronized with your left knee, your right shoulder is synchronized with your left hip. Their are a number of qigong, or neidan excercises that help you to realize the balance of these 6 body parts. the qigong excercises also help you to coordinate your breathing and the circulation of internal energy and to store outside energy. This energy is called chi and is what gives the internal arts their power.


If you would like to learn more please Email me by clicking on the icon below. I will be happy to correspond with you and answer and questions you may have. I have a standard video on HsingI 10 Animal form. I can also put together a special video of instruction for you depending on your level of skill and your goals.

10 Animal form $25.00 includes shipping within the U.S.

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